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KASM 1150 AM Broadcast Schedule Mon - Fri 6 AM - 6 PM

KASM - Mornings

6:00 AM - News/Weather
6:10 AM - Dairy Radio Now Progr AM
6:15 AM - Local Livestock Barn sale results (Pierz Livestock and Tri-County Livestock, Motley)
6:20 AM - Brownfield Ag News
6:30 AM - News/Weather
6:35 AM - Daily Extension Report
6:40 AM - Ag Weather
6:50 AM - Local/Statewide Temps Update
6:55 AM - Morning Market update (cheese/butter/milk/stock market)
7:00 AM - News/Weather/Funeral Announcements
7:15 AM - Brownfield Ag News
7:20 AM - School News
7:30 AM - News
7:33 AM - Weather
7:35 AM - Ag Events
7:45 AM - Mid-Morning Market Update (local elevators, milk)
7:50 AM - Local Sales Barn updates (Fergus Falls Livestock; Central Livestock; Long Prairie Livestock)
8:00 AM - News
8:05 AM - Weather
8:30 AM - News/Weather
8:35 AM - Living the Country Life Program
8:38 AM - Extension Report
8:40 AM - Weather
9:00 AM - News/Weather/Funeral Announcements
9:35 AM - Brownfield Ag News
10:06 AM - AgriTalk Progr AM
11:25 AM - Extension Report
11:40 AM - Brownfield Ag News
12:15 PM Noontime News

Every midday I include the latest in market information and include interviews with ag professionals about the latest topics and information. We also include a midday report from Brownfield Ag News, Poultry Market News from Des Moines, IA and more. We also broadcast the midday report from Central Livestock. Listen to news, weather and local elevator reports every weekday from 12:15 PM-12:50 PM.

KASM Afternoon Farm Programming

1:45 PM - Brownfield Ag News
2:00 PM - News/Weather
2:45 PM - Brownfield Ag News
3:00 PM - News/Weather
3:35 PM - Central MN Cattle Report
4:00 PM - 4 PM Closing Markets - this includes local elevator prices, the closing report from the MN Farm Network, weather and interview bits from Noontime News segments
4:06 PM - Market Rally w/ Chip Flory
5:00 PM - News/Weather
5:15 PM - Living the Country Life Program
5:30 PM - News/Weather
5:32 PM - Local Market Recap
5:40 PM - Brownfield Ag News

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